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over by an elevator with a capacity of 64,000 tons. In 1976-78, the mill was reconstructed in order to increase the productivity to 220 tons / day. From 1977 to 1978, the feed mill was reconstructed with the installation of multi-component weighing batchers 5DK-500, 5DK-200, 10DK-2500, crushers AI-DDR and other equipment in order to increase productivity up to 400 t / day. In 1986, the feed mill was reconstructed again with the introduction of a line for preliminary dosing of grain and other types of raw materials requiring grinding.

In 1992, in the feed mill, the aspiration networks were reconstructed and the RCIE filters were installed, the crushers were replaced with new types MM-140 and the computerized dosing of feed was introduced.

In 1995, truck scales were converted to load cells and connected to the factory computer network.

In 1998, a line for loading flour by flour wagons was put into operation. In the same year, a line for the introduction of liquid methionine (alimet) was put into operation for the production of a balanced amino acid composition of compound feed.

The enterprise has a production and technological laboratory accredited in the RB standardization system and equipped with the most modern equipment.

Rechitsa BPF OJSC is a part of the Gomel Production Association of Bread Products, is a state-owned enterprise and is owned by the Republic of Belarus.




The company's development strategy includes:

- further expansion of the range of products;

- introduction of new technological processes for preparing grain for grinding;

- development of new types of products;

- improvement of the automated production management system and financial and economic activities;

- in the field of quality improvement - certification of manufactured products.

About company

Rechitsa BPF OJSC is one of the oldest enterprises in Belarus. In 1913 a wooden mill was built. After the revolution, the mill was nationalized and in 1922 it was renamed Melzavod N2. The mill's productivity was 60 tons / day. During the Great Patriotic War, the mill was destroyed by the Nazi invaders. After the liberation of the city of Rechitsa on November 18, 1944, it began to be restored.

On September 2, 1958, on the basis of the grain-receiving point and the N2 Mill, the Rechitsa Mill N2 was formed.

In February 1960 a feed mill of the MUKZ-35 type was put into operation. In October of the following year, a new mill was built, the productivity of which was: for wallpaper grinding - 120 tons / day, for peeling - 60 tons / day.

In 1970, a feed mill with a capacity of 200 t / day was put into operation. Exactly two years later, the first grain was taken

Today Rechitsa BPF OJSC is one of the largest grain processing enterprises not only in the Gomel region, but also in Belarus.

Rechitsa BPF OJSC occupies a leading position in terms of labor productivity and the volume of feed production. Effective work of an enterprise is the most important condition for the well-being of its labor collective and one of the sources of replenishing the revenue side of the state and local budgets.

In August 2007 the enterprise confirmed the results of its work by receiving the international quality certificate ISO 9001. The peculiarity of the implementation of this system is that all employees of the enterprise participated in the work: from director to worker.

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